Rebel, the ‘made in Italy’ fieproof coated fabric, with a ‘rebel’, sophisticated look created to dress upholstered chairs with charm.

Bonder leather

Bonded leather is an ecological material which is obtained from natural products: genuine leather’s fires, latex and natural fat for the tanning.

Genuine leather

Top quality genuine leather, certifid from both origin (European cow leather) and quality. Our genuine leather, which is tanned from master leather workers, is extremely soft and resistant and ideal to realize quality seats and chairs.

Imitation leather

Flexible and adaptable, it is produced with cotton-base and a synthetic surface layer similar to leather. It guarantees an excellent resistance to friction and wear and tear. It preserves best qualities of traditional leather seats and chairs by respecting animals.


Top quality leather, certifid from both origin (European cow leather) and quality. Polished is a natural material, soft and elegant, which guarantees an excellent durability.


Econabuk is similar to suede, very soft to the touch, with synthetic base that reproduces leather’s print by respecting animals.


Idrocordex is an extremely resistant fabric, which stands out for the following features: It looks like very natural, it’s extremely light and solid. It is washable, waterproof and very resistant to damp.


Soft and springy, this chair guarantees excellent resistance to wear and rubbing. Produced with a basis of cotton and a synthetic layer. It imitates real leather with a stylish and slightly vintage effect, having respect for the animals.